Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4

Hello my loves!

I miss chit chatting, poking, and seeing notifications...this isn't an easy task...HOWEVER...I decided to try my hand at Tweeting...certainly not as effective as facebooking, its like kissing someone you really like but after you do so there is no real ZIP or ZING. Do you know what I'm saying?

I kinda feel like I'm in slow motion this year already..I'm thinking about winning the lottery and buying an old farm house, retiring there with my husband and adopting dogs from the Animal Rescue League. Its ok to fantasize, and its ok to know exactly what you want. Today is the day I am playing the lottery. I feel lucky today. Im not sure why, probably because it was another horrible day here at work, Scott wasn't here, the heat wasn't working, the equipment failed me again, I had to write sports and could NOT mention one of the Flyers names from another country, and I had to read the news regarding the Iowa caucus. Politics are something I should know way more about. I'm learning.

And number 4 without facebook has left me still feeling like a part of me is gone. WOW, what an impact it made. My kids are THRILLED that its over. Hey, its not OVER, I'm just taking a break. I did not DELETE. I DEACTIVATED.

wish me luck on my lottery tickets!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The MOST Wonderful time

Shopping to make everyone happy on your list? Making sure you don't forget anyone on your Christmas Card list? Deciding who will be cooking what for the holidays? Wondering what to wear for the annual night out for the end of the year party?

Forget the stress. Or at least try, I think after 42 years I finally got it right, its like someone (my lovey) shook me real hard and said, " honey, I will let you know when to press the panic button." The only man that knows how to handle this candy cane. I have to hand it to him, he had NO clue what he was getting in to when he entered my world. There is no real reason for panic during the most wonderful time of the year, or get excited about the stress of the shopping and cleaning and cooking.

Take your stockings and hang them with care, take a better look around this year.
Capture a silent night and listen to your heart.
but the shopping and spending....where does one start???

A deep breath, a glass of wine, the warmth of a hug, the good health of our children, my dear friends, my supportive family, the laughter of children sleigh riding, a fire on a cold night, they are all FREE. Count your many blessings and step back to enjoy The Most Wonderful Time of the Year .

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

See you later FACEBOOK

December 31st I will not say good-bye, but just a farewell to my Facebook Friends and Family. So I am able to give fair warning  and prepare myself for the many hours of FB rehab I will have to endure.

I have chosen to let go of FB for one year. I am so easy to find. is your instant connection to me.

I have found FB to be time consuming, fun, a way to make people smile, piss people off, spy on my kids, erase people from my personal life with one click of  a delete button and add a friend to enjoy my daily experiences and let me in on theirs.

My husband doubts me that I can make it an entire 24 hours let alone a year without facebook. This is where I find enjoyment in proving him wrong but yet making time on the couch a little cozier for him because my hands wont be on my blackberry checking Greg Millers status. Or Rebecca Hollands check in. I will miss Heather Steinbergers workouts, sister you gave me alot of motivation. I will miss pictures being posted and invites.

I intend to Read more, Pray more, and eat less...focus on my well being, My awesome husband, and my mini adults..( my kids that are growing way to fast)

Its time. long overdue...but  I will be back...and I intend to have FACEBOOK FUN until DECEMBER 31st

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Power of Coaching.

Lately I have been "moved" by the soccer coaching staff at Muhlenberg high school. I have seen changes in my son on the field, in his school work and at home. I know they are more than coaches to these kids, they have formed a bond of trust, and determination to become respectful and hard working  young men as they approach the end of their high school season as seniors.  Coaches are never given enough credit.

Remember when you were a kid growing up and you had to do yet another drill, or run another mile, or swim another lap. You wished the coach called off practice, you wished the season would end. Then we look back on the fun we had, the friends we met and the coach that we respected and learned to believe that all of our hard work would one day pay off.

I had the opportunity to coach Junior high track for a few years at Muhlenberg .  It was last weekend I was at Subway and ran into one of the kids who has since graduated, is now in the Marines and was so happy to see me and tell me how well he was doing and I listened as he told me how proud he is to be a United States Marine. I still remember him "goofing off" and never wanting to take things seriously. It reminded me.......of me.

Today I came home from a four mile run, I opened my email, and there it was, a letter from my Cross Country Coach who taught me that hiding in bushes while training for my next race would get me no where 25 years ago at Pottsville Area High School. Let me share:


You made my day this morning when you told Scott that you were "going for a run" later today. I once watched an outstanding Blue Mt. runner in the last 2mile race of his senior year. He ran the first 6 laps at the front of the pack and then just about walked the last 2 laps. I later found that there was nothing wrong with the kid, he had just had enough. This convinced me that a coaches job is to push his athletes to do their best but always let them enjoy what they are doing. When I see someone on the road who ran for me in the past I feel like I did my job all those years ago. Thanks for allowing me to feel good.

John Liddle
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

I have goosebumps right now as I read it over and over again, I'm going to send Mr. Liddle a note just to say "Thank You" and I will encourage my son to do the same with his coaches. Mr. Liddle certainly made a difference in my life, He never gave up on me. No matter how poor I did, he always told me, there will always be a "next time" Its never to late to say Thank you. even if its 25 years later.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Ok, I admit its been awhile...The soccer season has been quite busy and very proud to say, NOT over yet! So, here it is, we are in the middle of October...start thinking HOLIDAYS. No, not the shopping, not the baking......The SQUEEZING into your holiday best! You know those jeans that scream...."yea that's right, look at me" But you know damn well you had to lay down on your bed and you saw stars when you buttoned them.

I have the answer, I have the solution. You can all thank me later. You hear me talking about running, working out, my new diet I start every Monday, my "cleansing" ( which by the way taught me ALOT)
However, there is someone so very near and dear to me I must share her with you, for as much as I dont want to share , I will because she is truly amazing. STACY BROWN.

Stacy owns SUNSHINE WELLNESS RESOURCES where I work out when the time allows, otherwise these days I have really taken up and am reliving my love of running. Stacy gives Berks County a whole new meaning to keeping fit, and being in control of you. The really good news is coming....

At Sunshine Wellness Stacy is NOW offering ONLY 99.00 FOR THREE MONTHS. TWO CLASSES A WEEK. Listen to me...This is a GIFT. From the TRX classes I talk about, to SPIN, to Willpower and Grace, to Yoga Sweat. You have to see for yourself and if you do the timing, you will see that before the new year is here, you will have a new you. 99.00 is NOTHING. For THREE months!!!!

I have been to numerous gyms, I have taken numerous classes, I have met alot of instructors, There is no one that compares to Stacy and her staff at SUNSHINE WELLNESS RESOURCES. You will start to hold your head high and your negative becomes positive, you cant wait until your next class.

just do me a favor , take a look

And guess what. That fancy little holiday party you are going to? You WILL be able to fit into the fancy little number!

Trust me, I wont go anywhere else. There are no blown up egos, or attitudes. They are your friends from the moment you walk through the SUNSHINE door!

I would never steer you in the wrong direction.  Be happy Berks County has a Stacy Brown, because no one else does.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Friends RUN!!

It goes back to when I first moved to Berks County.....I needed something to keep me had been a few years, but I missed running. Not racing, just going out for a jog to make me feel as though I had accomplished something and get my juices flowing. It did a little more than that, and for those of you that run, trot, jog...whatever, you know what I'm talking about. My endorphins go WILD. My husband enjoys every little bit of it and encourages me to run, whenever the time lets me and my body says "go"

I trained for a half marathon in Bermuda with Team in Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. It was one of the greatest things I had ever done on my own.

I introduced running to my friend Dena...she took the bull by the horns and was determined to run her own half marathon in Virginia with my other friend Kim..I was supposed to Run with them, however a week prior to the race I gave blood and no one told me that you could not donate blood and run, ( I let out the fact that I passed out while giving blood)  Dena's knee gave out but she continued the race and finished, a half hour later we had her at the hospital in Va. and she came home on crutches..but had that medal around her neck. She ended up having knee surgery. Her running days were numbered. Kim continued meeting me at Grings Mill.

Grings Mill...the perfect spot to run with my husband while we dated...we didn't get much running in because we would stop at every tree to kiss. So, we turned over to bike riding instead!

Through the years I have had many different running partners. Michelle Dallago..It seemed every time we got into the groove she would tell me that her and Rich were having a baby!
Kim ...some days we have it, some days we don't!

2 of my friends who I never in a billion years thought would lace up their sneakers and RUN....Heather Smith, and Becky Holland.

Heather and Becky will be doing their very first 5k with me in October..Its so exciting to encourage one another. I have a nice little pack of runners for that day, yes we will all have our different paces. Its going to be fun and we are running the KYLE PAGERLY MEMORIAL 5k  Colette, Kim, Becky, Heather...Good Luck, wait for me at the finish line.

Mike Coyle.. Thank you for always encouraging me, Mike Dicello..seeing you run in Pottsville for the past 40 years is always a great incentive  and Joe Muldowny your book  RUNNING SHORTS  kicks ass. Beth Franco, for years you have been such great support and have always made me envy the way you take such pride in all of your runs and races. You are a blessing!!!!

You don't have to run fast...or run marathons..but trust me the minute you start "jogging" you will ask yourself why you haven't done it sooner!

Hey Becky...are you ready to run tonight???

Monday, September 12, 2011


A Bigger chest...perky and firm. whiter teeth, a flat belly, hair extensions, colored contacts, and how can I forget...a little botox .  Oh yes please wave a magic wand and turn me into Kate Gosslin. Seriously? NO Thank You. She has NO personality, no friends and doesn't speak to her family. hmmmm.

Tonight her show comes to an end. I never met her personally, I have only seen the scowl on her face a few times on Penn Avenue. Does she have a body I would  LOVE to have at 42? Hell yes. Would I buy her book? Hell no! I do know of a person who bought her book and admires her. WHY? I have NO idea. In the time she has had her show, I gave her a chance...tried to get her on the morning show, but she didn't bite.

I feel for her 8 children and for the Nannies and her bodyguards, when you erase the perfection she is just like you and I. If I took advantage of all her perks. I would probably be just like Kate. I occasionally look at women with perfect nails and perfect problem is, I cant sit still long enough for a manicure...Thats my own battle.

I will say, I would like a one on one with kate, just so I could give her a fair chance because I dont really know her to judge her, only by what I see of her on TV.  She just has a certain bitch factor about her.  I need to know if she really has a good heart. I mean she has to with 8 kids right?

So, I will watch her final episode and this wont be the last we see or hear of her.  She should welcome her audience a bit more and maybe ask for help and not TAKE all the time, I want to tell her how to find balance. I would buy her a drink...something called an alligator bite, or go for a run. something, anything, I am dying to know if she is really the bitch she portrays, everyone deserves a fair shot. Im willing to let you all know. I wonder if she will change her hairstlye? start biting her nails? get a muffintop? grow wrinkles from staying awake for her teenagers one day? start sagging and wear a 18 hour bra, drink so much coffee your teeth start tinting?  If will then be just like me Kate! Maybe then you will grant me an interview, but if you dont. Remember I gave you a fair shot before you go and make another change.